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Hi, I'm Lucas Debelder.
I'm a passionate web developer
and graphic designer.

about me

Hello there, my name is Lucas Debelder, I am a 21 year old webdesigner and developer, I'm born and still living in Halle, Flemish Brabant (10 minutes out of Brussel, on the border of Wallon Brabant). In June 2016, I've got my degree in Multimeda at Donbosco Halle. They learned me how to code well written responsive sites, with HTML, CSS and jQuery. I can also work with CMS websites such as Joomla and Wordpress. The one I know the best is probably Joomla, I've only done some small 'tryout' websites with Wordpress, but they are all similar to each other in some or the other way.

I also know how to get the most out of Photoshop, not only making mockups or designing a (digital) brand, but also how to retouch images, color corrections, restore images, liquefying them, make them look better, I guess you get the picture. Obviously with learning Photoshop comes it's brother, Illustrator for creating vector/graphic illustrations. And it's sister, Indesign for creating flyers, booklets and prints. I’m also very familiar with creating animations in Adobe Flash and coding with Actionscript 3.0, although flash is slowly dying since it’s not being accepted on certain apple devices anymore, I'm going to make a move and switch to CSS animations.

I'm also able to work with After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut. Although I'm not a wizard at it, I know pretty much all the basic stuff it has to offer from creating smooth animations to rendering in the best size and quality balance. Starting this year, I'm a proud student at the Thomas More College in Mechelen, where I'm doing Interactive Multimedia Design. In this portfolio website you can check out all my work. I like to keep myself busy making new websites and most of all I prefer to be creative. If this sounds exciting, get in touch with me!

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Creating websites, applicatons using the latest HTML5, CSS3, Jquery. Everything will be written in a user-friendly and well functioning website.

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Every website will be written in mobile first. Making the website as responsive as possible on every kind of device is one of my main goals.

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Creating an unqiue identity for your organization is the most powerfull assets u can get. Your appearance is a key to become succesfull.

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Visual Creation

Also another thing that can change a lot is the way things are created and look. I try to create objects that are an appetite to the eye.

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I'm able to create things that are not only for the web, such as prints, business cards, birth announcements cards, printable illustrations and advertising.

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Creating animations using Adobe Flash and coded with Actionscript 3.0. And CSS animation for web!

recent work

Logo sketches
Logo concept 1
Logo concept 2
Logo concept 3
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Smashing Magazine 2
Smashing Magazine 2
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Google Doodle
Google Doodle
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