A future driven Front-end Designer.

Front-end Development + Web Design

Who Am I?

UX/UI designer with frontend skills, based in Brussels. Designing digital experiences, specializing in graphic design, digital illustrations & motion graphics. Recently graduated with a bachelor in Interactive Multimedia.




Responsive Design

The key to responsive design is creating a design that is constructed with keeping the mobile aspect in mind. Pixel-perfect products feel like home to me.


Capturing the attention of visitors and holding it can only be achieved with effective branding that reflects your brand. It is extremely powerful in connecting with users and inspiring the right emotions.


Specializing in building innovative, delightful and user-centric digital experiences. Usability is about making complex things simple.


Building outstanding and compelling illustrations to help you achieve your goals and reflect your product appropriate.

Motion Design

Motion brings your ideas to life. Starting with a simple concept, creating a storyboard, and then use digital design tools to realize your vision in high-quality animation.

Web Development

Your website is your always-on the digital interface for your customer. Getting it right is essential in the modern era. Combining the power of web design together with front-end knowledge is fundamental.


noun risky or unexpected undertaking

Some pieces of work that I have recently done. Some do go more into detail, others do not. I engage in all my projects with passion and dedication, always trying to find the creative solution that will succeed. You can always view more work on my Dribbble.


Desginosource - Generation 8.0



Cityvoice, your local citizen-platform